Answers to the frequently asked question “do eyelashes grow back?”


This is so often the question of beauty enthusiasts. Well, it would be wrong to say that only those who are conscious of their beauty have such question in their mind. In fact all of you look at those well-defined eyes of TV stars and supermodels and wonder, how? Is it only coats of mascara and eyeliners? Or is there a deeper secret? Well, yes, there actually is! A marvelous serum that enhances your eyelash growth and thickness.

A serum that will make your eyes prettier than ever!

After you have wiped off the layers of makeup, there lies your bare skin and eyes. This eye serum can actually make your bare eyes look no less than makeup! It has olive oil at its base with all essential vitamins and moisturizers than enhance your lashes.

You will see results in a few weeks’ time. Just apply it at night before going to sleep and let the oil do its work. Wake up with longer, thicker and more intense lashes every morning! So, do eyelashes grow back? Yes, they do and quite spectacularly!


How to use it?

It is extremely easy to use, just like applying eyeliner. Only it is natural and better. You have to apply it on the edge of your eyelids, twice or thrice every week at night. The next morning, remember to wipe off the excess with a cotton bud. These have honey and nettle extracts that that absolutely safe for sensitive eyes as well.

The magic ingredients of eyelash serum that do wonders!

  1. Keratin that enhances the growth of hair, making it stronger and smoother.
  2. Honey helps in keeping the lashes moisturized even in driest of weathers.
  3. Kelp extracts contain all essential nutrients to give your lashes more volume and a fuller look.

Instead of applying kilos of makeup, use eyelash serum for once to see for yourself do eyelashes grow back and when they do, how stunning you look!

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