Application of carrageenan in life


Useful ingredient

Carrageenan is the popular ingredient which is used in many products. It is used in the meat and many other processed foods. It is also used in different dairy products and in the water geldesserts. They provide the texture range and many flavor release. The best thing is that they do not need refrigeration. They are also used in the toothpaste where theyprovidethestructure which is resistant to the enzymes breakdown. They are also used in the pet foods as they help in the bindingand alsoprevent the separation of fat. This makes them a usefulproduct when canned foods are made.


They are also used in the air freshener gels which providethem the texture in the perfume. The desserts, cream, ice cream and milkshakes are popularly known for using the carrageenan additive. They are mainly used in them forincreasing the viscosity. They are used in beer as well in order to remove the proteins that cause haze. In toothpaste they help to bind and stabilize so that the ingredients separation is prevented. The fire fighting foam also uses the carrageenan as a thickener which can cause the sticky foam. In shampoo and creamstheyact as the thickeners.

Safe to use

A very unique use of carrageenan is inmedicines. Theyare used in the pills and tablets as the expedient whichis inactive. The plant milks and soy milk uses the carrageenan which allow then to thicken and also to emulate the whole milk consistency. Diet sodas are also using the carrageenanin order to suspend the flavor and to also enhance the texture. You might have heard about the effects of carrageenan in the gastrointestinal. Butafter a good amount of research it has been concluded that it has no bad effects. In fact any food additive does not becomehazardous to the health.


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