What can you expect During a Dental Checkup?


If it is for the first time you are going to have a dental checkup and if you are not aware of what happening during the dental checkup at Franklin Dental in Herndon Va or when you are in the dental chair, we will let you know the things clearly. Generally, dentists recommend fewer dental visits or frequent visits based on the oral or dental health and in many cases either a dentist or the dental hygienist will perform the dental checkup. Every dentist operates in a different way but the common dental checkup to a dentist involves the following activities.

Cleaning or Polishing the Teeth: After you share your health or oral concerns with the dentist, the very first thing they do is cleaning or polishing the teeth for removing the tartar or plaque that is collected below and above the gum lines. Using a tooth polisher they will make the teeth shine which removes the residue that is left over.

Educating the Patient: Once the cleaning finishes, the dentist will tell you about the health condition of the teeth and its dental hygiene. They will show you the solutions for those problems too.

Dental Examination: The dentist will now examine the teeth, mouth and gums for looking for the signs or changes of the actual problem. During this, they will also use probes for detecting the pockets between gums and teeth for identifying the cavities if any. After closely monitoring the gums and teeth, they will recommend you the proper treatment and refer you the right dental specialist for it.

X-Rays: For having a deep look at the gums, teeth and to identify if any gum diseases or dental problems some of the dentists will take the X-rays. The resulting image of the X-rays will show all the parts of the teeth along with the roots present below the gum line as well as jaw bones which shows what exactly is going on in teeth.

This is what actually happens during a visit to dental check at Franklin Dental in Herndon Va. So, as if you are aware of this you don’t have to worry much about the checkups.



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