Carrageenan an Unusual Ingredient for Discussion


Carrageenan is basically an ingredient which is used as a gelatin substance to set certain food items. It is used in making desserts and it is also used to retain moisture in meats. It makes food taste delicious and also helps food to make them stay in good condition for a longer period of time. Long time back in Ireland people used this ingredient in their daily food items. It is also known with different names and one of them is Carrageen.

Why is there concern about this element?

Basically it is of two types, one is Food Grade and the other one is Degraded. Long years ago Food Grade Carrageenwas used as a kind of ingredient to make foods. On the other hand Degraded Carrageenan was not used as an ingredient as it does not provide any kind of thickening and it’s harmful. Though these two Carrageens are different but the harmful effects of the degraded carrageenan is being mistakenly associated with Food Grade Carrageenan.



Is it safe?

We have heard that there are disadvantages of Carrageenan which affects health, but we should also understand that we cannot rely upon any kind of sources. There have been lot of misconceptions and pre conceived notions about Carrageenso it’s very difficult to judge what is right and what is wrong.

Food grade carrageenan is not at all a harmful ingredient for any food. In fact it gives a great taste to the tongue and its one of the important ingredient in the food industry. A foreign substance name Poligeenan is being misunderstood as the Carrageenan. Degraded Carrageenan is now being called as Poligeenan which is harmful to eat. Poligeenan is put through harsh acid. To avoid the confusion between Food Graded Carrageenan and Degraded Carrageenan that’s why the name Poligeenan is used.

Therefore, we come to the conclusion that Carrageenan is safe and one can enjoy their food containing Carrageen. We cannot trust any rumor and one is being educated enough to understand and make choice about one’s nutrition and lifestyle. Food Grade Carrageencan definitely be used as an ingredient to make food healthy yet delicious.




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