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Famous Art Galleries


There are various art galleries and art museums all over the world. These galleries allow people to admire and appreciate various works of art done by artists from all over the globe and done by people all through the ages. Visiting art galleries is fun and also the visitors feel a sense of exhilaration when they see splendid masterpieces collectively. The most famous art galleries in the world are :

  1. Musee d’Orsay in Paris is one of the greatest and most exciting art galleries of the world. This has works of art by proficient masters including Matisse, Money, Cezanne, Renoir, Van Gogh and Sisley among others. This has a number of events and various exhibitions every year.
  2. The National Museum of Korea which is in Seoul has more than 220,000 pieces of art and relics. It is in the Yongsan Family Park now after it was relocated in October 2005. This has historical art galleries as well as archaeological ones which date from 1329. There is calligraphy, paintings and Buddhist sculptures as well.
  3. The Louvre in Paris was a medieval fortress. This was the palace belonging to the French Kings. It was then transformed into a museum. This has a huge pyramid as the main entrance and it has collections which date back to antiquity. This has various rooms including Egyptian rooms. The most famous art work in it is the Winged Victory of Samothrace as well as the Mona Lisa by Da Vinci and of course Venus de Milo.
  4. The British museum in London has the national collection of more than 8 million objects of ethnography and archaeology. This even has prehistoric bones and rooms of jewels and Assyrian palace rooms. The main attraction is the Rosetta stone of 196 BC and the second finest collection of antiquities from Egypt.
  5. The Vatican Museums which are in Vatican city has 22 different collections. These have rooms dedicated to Raphael where the entire room has paintings by him. There is the picture gallery which has various Renaissance and medieval paintings. The most famous of this is the Sistine Chapel which is Michelangelo’s famous work. There are also Egyptian exhibits, Etruscan offerings and far too many things to describe.
  6. The Rijksmuseum which is in Amsterdam has around 900,000 objects. This has the largest collection of history and art in the Netherlands. This has paintings of Rembrandt, Ruysdael, Vermeer and Hals.

An Introduction to the Approach of Art Therapy: A Brief Guide


Art therapy uses art in various forms as a healing and therapeutic process. Using art, all kinds of people are able to explore what they feel, reconcile their conflicts, be self aware as well as manage their behavior, improve their social skills and their orientation towards reality. This allows for anxiety to be reduced and self esteem to get a boost.

This is practiced in various rehabilitation centers, mental health centers, educational, forensic as well as medical centers. This is also practiced in small groups and in workshops. The clients of these therapies come from different walks of life and they have varied challenges.

Art therapy is used to treat people who have medical, social, developmental, educational as well as psychological impairment. This improves the functioning of the person as well as their feeling of well being.

The art therapists are those who are trained in therapy as well as art. They need to understand in detail human development, counseling techniques as well as psychological theories.

Art Therapy has various uses. It can be used even on the very young or the very elderly people, people who have physical disabilities and those that have psychological disorders too.

This therapy started way back in the 1940s and Margaret Naumburg who was a therapist and educator, first defined this therapy as a distinct branch and different to psychotherapy. She is called the founder of this branch of therapy. She used to have her clients draw their  dreams and speak about the dreams.

This form of therapy emanates from within and it makes the person explore their inner perceptions, feelings as well as their imagination and inner experiences. This expresses as well as develops those images which come from inside of the person.

Art therapists need to have an MS in either art therapy or in a field which is related. These are licensed and they also require studio art classes as well as an art portfolio which shows their proficiency in sculpture, painting and drawing.

These therapists use different techniques and in this process get insight and meaning of what is going on in the client’s mind. The clients are asked to use the image to convey their feelings and thoughts and thus they are able to grow. There are some that even use Gestalt methods where the image is used by the therapist to kick start discussions.

14 Common Misconceptions about Fine Arts


An artist is the best medium to bring out new thoughts and ideas in the mind of people. Many artist have bought revolution using art as a medium. This art is generally a fine art. Fine art domains consist of visual art such as a painting, poetry, drama, sculpture etc. There are artist whose ideas were not accepted by the society as whole but were revolutionary.

Misconception about fine arts

An artist can change the mindset and mood of people using the talent he has. Whether it is a beautiful piece of painting which within a boundary of Canvas says words which breaks the boundary of the world or the beautiful poetry where one word has hidden layer of meaning in it. We have listed out the top 14 misconception about fine arts.

  1. Fine art is same as any other form of art. This is wrong as fine art is only aesthetic and is different from other art forms.
  2. Fine art is a modern art. Fine art dates back from centuries and civilizations.
  3. Fine art is painting. Though painting is the fine art but it is not the only form of fine art present. Music, poetry etc. are some other form as well.
  4. Fine art is costly. Though this art is getting depleted over a period of time, if you love fine art there are all budget fine art material.
  5. Fine art is for rich people. Art is never restricted by the borders of money. If you love it you can buy it.
  6. Fine art is all about precision. It’s true but fine in the work you are doing not in material aspect.
  7. To become fine art artist you should have a degree. You don’t need the one if you are having talent. However having one will help you in your career.
  8. You can’t become fine art artist on your own. This is a myth as many big artist are self-made.
  9. To learn fine art you have to invest a lot of money. This is wrong as you can even study it using government colleges.
  10. Fine art is only displayed at art galleries. If you go to museum or any fine art lover you will find it there as well.
  11. Finer art is for traders who want to invest their money in it.
  12. There is no career in fine art.
  13. You can’t survive on fine art as it has been forgotten by everyone.
  14. Photography is not a form of fine art.


Are we forgetting fine arts


An artist is a person with creativity and a talent who can express his idea using other forms which will create an impression in mind of everyone who sees it. An art form is a technique which is learnt over a period of time. Nobody becomes an artist on one day. Additionally you should have that craze and love for the art form you want to follow so as to become the successful artist and earn your livelihood through it.

Fine art is one such form of art where creative and visual art is used for describing out the ideas. Whether it is painting or poetry, music or drama all comes under the domain of fine arts. However fine art is losing its presence among this generation. We don’t see many fine artist rising the success ladder such as greats of Michelangelo. There is no wide spread applause for the work of fine artist. In short we are forgetting about fine arts.

Fine Arts

People forgetting Fine arts

Fine arts dates back from centuries. Earlier it was the only way using which people use to entertain themselves, get mesmerized by the beauty of the art or enjoying the drama of a notable artist. This was a way people used to appreciate fine art artist. Now we see with advent of technology and evolution the time people like spending is on Facebook and WhatsApp.

To them fine art is a movie which is being displayed at the nearest cinema hall. Even it is surprising to know that many doesn’t even know about the term of fine arts.

If we go to a city of Vatican many tourist not only come there for religious purpose but because of the arts created at every inch and breadth of that place. Why we are not having artist like that now. This is because of our sheer negligence towards fine art artist. There are many colleges which have a special course on fine art but the student fear for the future if they go with the course.

Even if you have a zeal to learn fine art there are always hurdles from parents. Fine art is forgotten by the people. They don’t like to visit any art fair where display of beautiful fine art work is there. Moreover there are very less people left who have this taste of work done by fine art artist.

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