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Whenever you visit a foreign country, you need to exchange money before going to the distant land. This is because every country has their currencies and your currency won’t match theirs.  Here comes the role of Forex market.Social networking sitescan help you on knowing forex market and its working better.

A Forex market or the foreign exchange market is a place where trading of currencies goes on. In order to manoeuvre foreign trade and business, currencies need to be exchanged. For example, if you buy a biscuit from foreign makers you need to convert your country currency to their one and do the transaction. Similar is the case for travelling.

The Forex market in the recent past has emerged as the largest liquid financial market. Transaction in forex market is conducted over-the-counter (OTC). Forex is highly influenced by the inflation rates, geographical, economical and political aspects of a country. Hence, quotations of prices change continuously in the forex market. One can get all this information through sites like https://www.facebook.com/JAFXecn/.

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A one-stop solution to foreign exchange issues

JAFX, formed by John Anthony was enacted in 2015 and was instituted in mid 2016, is currently one of the true ECN brokers. ECN stands for electronic communication network is an electronic system which forms a traverse path linking market participant with liquidity providers via a forex ECN broker. This kind of linkage is carried out using an intricate technology configuration named FIX protocol or the financial information exchange protocol.

Clients get immediate access to other partakers of the market since JAFX works as a true ECN broker. At present JAFX offers 47 pairs to trade with. It also allows you purchase with gold. In addition to this 0.01 micro lot trading is affable and buyers can trade up to 1000 lots. Also, there is consent to forex marketing strategies as hedging, scalping and news trading.

If you do not want to create a standard account, it provides you with the demo account creation whereby you do not need to deposit any amount as well. Thus https://www.facebook.com/JAFXecn/ is well suited for client’s convenience.

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