Electric Tricycle: An Energy-efficient, Eco-friendly & Cost-effective Vehicle


Electric trike, commonly known as electric cycle, is a three-wheeled vehicle powered by an electric motor. When we refer to a tricycle, the name which comes up in our mind is the tricycle we used to ride during our childhood, but eรถสามล้อไฟฟ้า is something different. This is the powered vehicle which can be driven by an adult. In three-wheeled category of adult electric vehicles, there are electric motorcycles and scooters, three-wheeled electric rickshaw, and three-wheeled mobility scooter.

Electric vehicle advantages

An electric vehicle. referred to as EV in short, is propelled by an electric motor or traction. The electric power is derived usually from a self-contained battery. This class of vehicles was introduced in mid-19th century, but its commercialization was seen in the next century. These vehicles don’t use fossil fuel or other fuels. These vehicles are energy-efficient because they don’t consume natural resources. These are also eco-friendly because they don’t pollute the environment with toxic vapors. They are also cos-effective because cost of their operation is quite low compared to conventional vehicles due to savings on fuel costs.


Use of electric tricycle

The use of electric vehicles has become commonplace in some countries. These vehicles have many benefits, but the main drawback is that they can’t move on high speed and their performance is not efficient for long distances. Still, low speed battery-powered vehicles such as electric car and electric tricycle are good for local commute or transportation. Electric golf carts are also three- or four-wheeled vehicles, and they are used in multiple industries for various purposes. These vehicles are economical and better mode of transport from other perspectives.

Electric vehicle scenario of 21st century

The 21st century evidenced a surge in electric vehicles, specifically electric trikes, that can be seen on the roads. This is a good invention of the technology to deal with burning issues of vehicle pollution and traffic congestion due to mounting number of vehicles on the roads.

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