The evolution of music through time


As humans we often think of ourselves as sad creatures and want to experience activities that can make our sadness go away or felicitate them in such a way that they don’t seem so troublesome of painful anymore. We have to come up with various things that make us feel better or ways to express ourselves.   It would be quite tough to find out or trace back the origin of the first humming tune or the first musical beat that was ever created. But one thing is for sure that music has existed as far as any human can bother to remember.

If you turn the pages of your history books you can trace back the fact that even the two thousand years back people in various civilizations music was given very much importance as religious folklores and other musical chants were made right before an important ceremony.

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As the world evolved and steadily kings and queens started to rule large kingdoms they started to form their noble council which usually consisted of a highly trained singer to entertain everyone in the palace with his melodious voice and king praising songs. This trend continued for a very long time and then with the invention of gramophone and records the whole music scene changed drastically. Music became an important part of everybody’s life and suddenly artists started getting paid. Just like soundcloud artists.

However, that was the time when music industry started to develop. With newer inventions which enabled millions of people to listen to music, the artists became widely popular. Soon began the era of concerts which is still very popular. Now we have come to a point where you can share your music with world using apps, just like soundcloud artists and even get paid for it if your music is great.

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