A short history of the Dhow


It has been around for a long time

Ever heard of a dhow? A dhow is not exactly any particular ship but actually a generic name that is used to refer to many traditional sailing vessels used in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean region. Its invention is generally credited, and debated, to either the Arabs or the Indians. The exact origins have been lost and most scholars do believe that they originated in India sometime between 600 BC and 600 AD.

They were typically and originally used as trading vessels usually carrying lighter cargo such as fruit, water or other merchandise. Today, obviously, their uses have changed as no one really uses small sail boats for trading anymore. Although certain small traders in small isolated regions might still use them for transport and trading reasons, but most of these dhows have now become used for leisure uses and are still being created do so.

Dhows are usually used to transport people from one place to another (places that aren’t too far and can easily be voyaged upon) or sometimes even to just take a relaxing trip down the beautiful water bodies that nature, or sometimes even man, has provided us. Being in a dhow has some really strange feeling of relaxation and leisure that cannot be easily replayed by any other action. Perhaps it is the serenity of the water or the rhythmic movement of the dhow that one feels but something is certainly romantic and beautiful about a trip on a dhow. Arrange for some great music, great food and some great drinks and a dhow trip will become a memorable trip for you.

Take a modern day dhow cruise Dubai

The dhow cruise Dubai is a great example of how this ancient concept of dhows have been taken and are now being advertised as a good place to go and spend money. But compared to other expenditures in Dubai, some of these trips come much cheaper than some other activities and are a great way to relax yourself.


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