Travel for real wealth


The immortal saying and the sad truth

If you want money, work; if you want experience, travel. These were words spoken by some wise man at some point in our grand human history which rings very true and always will regardless of which century you happen to be reading this article in. I, however, have always find this saying to be somewhat naïve and rather unreasonable in this day and age that we live in.

Do not get me wrong, this saying holds very true and holds very deep meaning that I utterly believe in, travelling does give you a plethora of experience and compared to doing a menial office job is much more rewarding. My criticism of this saying does not arise from the truth and the wisdom of it but rather in the practical applicability of it.

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One can very easily say that work is not going to teach us any real values or life skills, it is travel that gives you the real wealth, the real values and life skill that are worth learning; but one cannot ignore that to travel one needs money and to make money one needs to work. Yes, it is an endless vicious unreasonable and unrewarding cycle but that’s just how it is.

Grab your Zuca and head out if you can

You need to travel to learn but you need to work to travel but you also need to leave your work to travel leading hence to an unfathomable stalemate where all parties involved just lie stunned without a clue as to how exactly to go about fulfilling their life dreams unless they find themselves in some dream job wherein they actually get to travel; the less fortunate ones simply settle for something more mundane and restrict their travels to long weekends and once in a year or two years vacation. If you do happen to be one of the lucky ones who get to travel however, get yourself some proper supplies and bags such as those from Zuca so that you can travel efficiently and in style.



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