Ways of slowing down clogging of drain suggested by plumbers


Plumbers can work magic when it comes to unclogging the drain. However, somehow the drain still gets clogged no matter what. Clogged drains are mostly found to occur in households who do not take proper care.

With proper care and waste management, clogging of the drainage systems at your house can be kept in check. The most recommended arrangements that are suggested by your plumber are simple and effective.

You may not be able to stop the clogging of the drain completely but, you will be able to slow the process of clogging down.


Ways to slow down clogging of drains as suggested by plumbers:

  • Installation of a lint catcher


Putting up of a lint trap at the end of the drain hose prevents the tiny bits fabric or dead tissues from accumulating in the pipe. This will filter the dirty water thrown out of the washing machine. The dirt residues are percolated at the end of the mesh. This can be replaced when filled to the brim.


  • Bacterial drain cleaner


There is a type of bacteria that breaks down organic matter, be it hair or grease. These cleaners are extremely effective in clearing up jammed drains. The bacteria in these cleaners are safe for use in humans as well.


  • Do not dump cement or grease


Cement reacts with water to harden inside the drain pipes. As for grease, it runs down the drainage pipes and cools down as it progresses. Grease has a nasty habit of forming oil clogs.


  • Use the dust bin for throwing garbage


Many people have a habit of throwing all the regular garbage in their toilets or even through the bath tubs. These little things can get accumulated in the drainage pipes and cause serious congestion of the pipes.


The true deal

By maintaining the above-mentioned steps, clogging of the drain can be avoided to a great deal. Of course, there will still be instances of water clogging, but professional plumbers will work their very best.

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