What does the Moon Sign say about you?


One of the most imperativefragments of your natal chart is your moon sign. The moon in astrology is the ruler of cancer; ruler of emotions. Since the moon is the closest planet to Earth, it basically revolves around the planet in less than a month. Perhaps, moon has more significance than other signs when it comes to astrology.  In fact, it is your inner child and inner mother, which talks more about your emotions, inner moods and other aspects.

Moon – The Emotional code of operation

Do you want to know, what does your moon sign mean? What does it say about you and your inner mood?

In the astrological chart, three components are regarded as most important in predicting your qualities, strength and weakness namely the Sun, Moon and the ascendant. The moon usually determine its place at the time of your birth. The influence of moon have much to do with your birth signs. Although your zodiac sign reveals your nature to be a more aggressive person yet when you are a mellow Taurus moon, the influence of Taurus can keep your aggression under control.

what does your moon sign mean

Similarly when you are in the verge of looking for perfect soulmate who is soft natured with ample sense of humor. First thing you need to know is to check the moon signs of you both. If they are compatible and matches with each of yours perfectly, then you will have better relationships.

Moon generally orbits around the earth in 27.5 days, however it takes only two and a half days to revolve around each zodiac sign. During each of its spin, it determines the inner quality of every individual based on the zodiac sign.


What does your moon sign mean? Each and every sign has its own qualities.  You can know your strengths and weakness based on your moon signs.

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